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Make sure to check this out on my tumblr, it’s animated! http://hazelleewood.tumblr.com/
We’re over the 50% hump on Kickstarter but still have a long way to go. As of today there is a terrible, terrible video of me talking about dicks in the updates, and my drawings on vellum are available as a reward. http://kck.st/1BszQHT
Just a few more days of the Nuts! Kickstarter and it’s gaining some traction! I drew the sad things. That’s John Brinkley’s actual tombstone: it really looks like a penis with an angel on top.
A still from one of the scenes I animated for Penny Lane’s new documentaryNUTS! The John Brinkley Story.
This is the last week of the Kickstarter campaign: http://kck.st/1BszQHT
Rewards include a fine art print of the painting I did of John Brinkley riding a goat across the Mexican border (classier than it sounds, real good for adding a touch of elegance to your home. Maybe best for the bathroom), and all my original drawings from my animation are available. The other animators have some great rewards, too—you can even get your face drawn into the movie, or your name on a shop on Main Street in Milford, Kansas.
Spending all my weekends hanging out with a cat in a vacant lot in Bushwick, stringing fishing line between two buildings. It’s been an exercise in patience. Today, I start installing constellations.
(Photo courtesy of Norton.)
Paula and I did some doodle-switching last night, drawing on reverse sides of drafting mylar.
Starting new projects. Braiding my (cast off) hair.
Chicken Wing Selfie. 2014. Oil on found wood panel, birch plywood, nails, glue, 12.5”x17”.
Detail of chicken bone.
Chicken Wing Selfie (or, These Wings Were Instrumental in my Break-Up) 2014. Oil on found wood panel, birch plywood, nails, glue, 12.5”x17”.
The chicken wings were cut from birch plywood and affixed to the portrait with nails, hovering roughly 1.5” from the portrait surface.
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