Brooklyn, NY.


Family and Others. Graphite on vellum, gouache on paper and digital finish.
Nixon’s face, soon to sweat up the pages of American Illustration!
thecodeine asked: I am seriously in love with your art. You are so amazing oh my goodness!


Anonymous asked: Were or are you involved in porn? I was looking for a girl that went by Hazel Lee, who filmed for someone that goes by Santino Lee, and I found this tumblr, with all this great artwork. Artist by day, pornstar by night, is a really dope juxtaposition.

Haha, no, neither are me though a ton of porn by both of them crops up when you Google me. I do paint a fair amount of smut though, so maybe I’m involved in some way after all.

And what, you don’t think pornstars are artists too?

Slump doodle. Oil and graphite on Mylar and paper.
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