Brooklyn, NY.


The start of another seascape on an old canvas (I have a lot of crappy paintings from college to recycle).
I Am The Moon. 22”x28”, metal leaf and oil on board and paper, wire, glue, and metal leaf on styrofoam. 
Shit on Me. 38”x54” (including pigeons), oil on canvas, paper, wire, glue, and acrylic, metal leaf on styrofoam.
I taught myself to make these frames three days before the work was due at the gallery, using a couple sentences of notes from my father (the master of styrofoam frames and gold leafing). …I’ll probably be remaking them when I get the work back from the gallery.
This is the last week you can visit Away From The Numbers at Bunnycutlet Gallery, 158 Roebling in Williamsburg, 2-8 pm daily. Check it out if you haven’t yet! The rest of the walls are packed with great works by Paula Searing, Gregory Benton, Kristen Liu-Wong, Franca Barone and Will Buzzell.
Moth No. 5/Van Gogh. 9.25”x4”, oil on paper, glue, wire.
More of the new work for the show at Bunnycutlet Gallery, now on view until the 24th.
Moth No. 4/Magritte. 11”x5”, oil on paper, glue, wire.
New work for the show at Bunnycutlet Gallery, which closes on the 24th.
She the Sea.
10”x16”, oil on a recycled canvas. Paint-doodling.
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