Brooklyn, NY.


Moth No. 6/Monet. 4”x2”, oil on paper, glue, wire.
Two more weeks of Away From The Numbers at Bunnycutlet Gallery! Check it out!
Moth No. 2/Rothko. 4”x2”, oil on paper, glue, wire.
Another one for the show at Bunnycutlet Gallery, now on view until the 23rd.
Moth No. 1/Kahlo. 6”x4”, oil on paper, glue, wire.
New work for the show at Bunnycutlet Gallery, now on view until the 23rd.
A little preview of my paintings for Away From The Numbers, a group show opening on Friday at Bunnycutlet Gallery. 158 Roebling between Metropolitan and Fillmore. Opening reception is 7-10 pm.
This is the last week to see Old Wives’ Lies, up at AG Gallery in Williamsburg! Noon-8 pm daily, 107-A North 3rd Street between Berry and Wythe. If you haven’t made it yet, please go! I’ll be de-installing on Sunday.
Your nightly dose of totally repulsive.  He’s heavy and clammy from all the gluey napkins his body is stuffed with.
File this under, “dead things my mom gives me/sends to me in the mail.”
I’m hosting a ladies’ drink and draw as a part of the closing weekend festivities for the installation Flower Garden in Bushwick. Women of New York, this is for you! Come by on Saturday for wine, beer, and hours of figure drawing!
Moth No. 3, Courbet. 5”x2.75” oil on paper, wire, glue. For an upcoming show at Bunnycutlet Gallery, curated by Jordin Isip.
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