Brooklyn, NY.


Graphite on drafting vellum, digital.
This is a snapshot of my painting from the opening night of My Generation at Mayson Gallery. I haven’t gotten to properly photograph, it but this gets the general idea of it across even if it’s at an angle and not perfectly lit.
16”x20”-ish. Oil and acrylic on canvas, paper, wire.
Finally premiering this puppy in the group show My Generation at Mayson Gallery in the Lower East Side. The opening reception is on Wednesday from 6-8 pm, at 154 Broome Street. 
Back in progress…working on 3D vines.
Red Sky Sprawl.

A Xander Harris music video I did production design for just premiered on Fact! Watch it here.

Summer babe/Tan lines, this time with the use of a scanner. I don’t know which version I like better, so I’m not replacing the weird photographed one.
Zulus - “Kisses.”

I’m in a music video that just premiered on Vice. My ass (which gets more screen time than my face) is going to be famous.

Since even my mom is sharing the video, check it out here: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/watch-zulus-kisses-official-video

The Fog Finds Its Way Inside, 2013. 
I originally started this for a group show themed transparency early in the year, but the show never materialized and I finally “finished” the painting a month ago.
I wanted to document the portrait before I started playing around with adding some dimensional elements—I’ve previously used veils of painted tracing paper or similarly delicate materials to overlay paintings, but I’m interested in making more structural additions and this is going to be my test piece.
Sphinx, for this week’s Illustration Naked Party. The theme is mythical creatures.
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