Brooklyn, NY.


Netted (close-up). Drawing on Yupo plastic-paper for Drawable, a graphite drawings show at FLA Gallery in Florida, opening October 19th.
Ed.: now available to purchase here.
I Am The Moon, in progress.
22” wireframe for a Doozy moth.
Underpaintings for a new group show.
Sweaty Nixon. 3”x5”.
Quick gouache painting (trying to learn how to use it). I’ve been obsessing over Nixon’s face after seeing my friend Penny’s movie Our Nixon a few weeks ago.
You can buy it on Etsy!
A little snapshot of my piece installed for Old Wives’ Lies, which opens tonight at AG Gallery in Williamsburg (107-A N3rd, at Berry).  It’s the first show I’ve curated, everything in it is great, and if you’re in New York you should come on out! It’s up until November 3rd (the dates the gallery initially gave me were a little off), so there’s plenty to time to stop by and spend a little more time with the art if you can’t make the opening reception.
The group show I’ve been putting together opens next Friday the 13th—31 amazing artists exploring misconceptions they have as a result of their childhood relationship with folklore.  It’s up for two months, so there’s plenty of time to see it if you can’t make it to the opening reception!
Making mugwort.
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